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Since launching Sake brewing operations in 1842, in the late Edo period, TAKARA have been providing for more than 170 years a wide variety of products.
As one of Japan’s leading manufacturers of traditional Japanese alcoholic beverages and seasonings such as Sake, Shochu, or Hon-mirin, we have built up its balanced product portfolio generated by the unique development capabilities of new technologies with the stable production system.
Through this product strategy, TAKARA gained its first top position in the industry for the year 2018 domestic shipment volume of Sake, and cemented its position as a top manufacturer of Japanese alcoholic beverages by taking the top market share for Sake as well as Shochu and Hon-Mirin.

Read more>>> TAKARA launched the Japan’s first Can Chu-Hi product in the year 1984.
From that time onwards, as the top manufacturer of Ko-type Shochu, TAKARA has been continuing to develop and nurture products that make the most of Shochu’s deliciousness and deliver new value. Nowadays, many people love the unique taste of products such as Takara Shochu High Ball, with its distinctively dry flavor that has long been a favorite in the neighborhood bars of downtown Tokyo. In addition, Nippon Chu-Hi Nihon no Nouen Kara, which features the lusciousness of carefully selected Japanese fruits from around the country, is getting popular as an overseas limited product.

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